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By John P. Langellier

There by no means was once one of these crusade, no longer even via Napoleon wrote accomplice common Pender of the second one Manassas crusade during which the gray-bearded Virginian, Robert E Lee, got here as shut as he ever could to exterminating his Northern enemies. moment Manassas tested Lee because the South's pre-eminent army commander and the military of Northern Virginia as its strongest weapon. The scuffling with in northern Virginia left Union normal John Pope's occupation in tatters and proved that the South used to be an influence to be reckoned with.

There by no means was once any such crusade, no longer even by way of Napoleon.' So wrote William Dorsey Pender, a brigadier-general within the military of Northern Virginia, within the wake of the second one conflict of Manassas. His phrases weren't hole boasts - the crusade in north Virginia within the past due summer time of 1862 established Robert E. Lee's actually nice generalship. even though overshadowed through later clashes resembling Antietam and Gettysburg, the second one Manassas crusade was once an army masterpiece during which Lee and the military of Northern Virginia got here as shut as they ever might to exterminating their Federal competitors and finishing the struggle. In so doing Lee proven himself because the South's pre-eminent army chief and helped forge his military into the bold strength it can stay for the remainder of the battle. The crushing defeat of Federal common John Pope's military of Virginia supplied the springboard for Robert E. Lee's first invasion of the North which might succeed in it really is climax alongside the banks of Antietam Creek that September.

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